Sacred Jewels of Yoga

The Eternal One


I know the Self, the sage Shvetashvatara said,
to be immortal and infinite.
I know this Self who is the Self of all,
whom the sages call the Eternal One.

May the Lord of Love, who projects himself
into this universe of myriad forms,
from whom all beings come
and to whom all return,
grant us the grace of wisdom.

He is fire and the sun, and the moon and the stars.
He is the air and the sea, and the Creator, Prajapati.
He is this boy, He is that girl,
He is this man, He is that woman,
and He is this old man, too, tottering on his staff.
His face is everywhere.

He is the blue bird, He is the green bird
with red eyes; He is the thundercloud,
and He is the seasons and the seas.
He has no beginning, He has no end.
He is the source from which the worlds evolve.

From His divine power comes forth all this
magical show of name and form, of you and me,
which casts the spell of pain and pleasure.

Only when we pierce through this
magic veil do we see the
One who appears as many.

— Shvetashvatara Upanishad



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