Looking for God? Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Find Him

Renowned spiritual leader Dada J.P. Vaswani offers practical advice for finding God in your daily life.

For all of us who are lost, hunting for God in a myriad different places, a meeting with Dada J.P. Vaswani, the spiritual leader, can be an eye-opener. This 95-year-old apostle of peace, dressed always in spotless white, travels from his native India to countries around the world, tirelessly propagating a message of universal love and service, of compassion for all human beings and animals.

Ask him if he's ever seen God, and he asks you, "Who hasn't?"

Dada, which is a respectful term for big brother in several Indian languages, is exactly that - a big brother to countless people who visit the

Sadhu Vaswani Mission

, an educational, religious and humanitarian organization based in Pune, India, founded by the spiritual master Sadhu T.L.Vaswani in 1930.

With a razor sharp intellect, a great sense of humor and a wonderful, simple way of connecting with world leaders and school children alike, Dada has much wisdom to share. He has received many honors including the U Thant Peace Award and has written over 200 books.


Dada draws truths from all the faiths, be it Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or Sufi mysticism. To him, God is never very far away - He is actually within each of us. To find God, you just have to know yourself - but that is one of the most difficult things.

"Man has made many discoveries, but in the bargain, he has lost himself," says Dada. "He knows so much of the universe, of all that is outside of himself, but what does he know of himself? If I were to ask you, 'Who are you? ' you would immediately point to your bodies. And I will say you are not the body. The body is a garment, you are the wearer of that garment...you have put on and put off thousands of garments.

The body is but a house; you are dweller of this house. When the house perishes, you do not perish. You continue to live for you, the real you, is immortal, you are eternal. God has given you the gift of life, and what God gives, he gives unto eternity."

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