U.S. Hinduism Studies: The Critics Speak

What's wrong with Hinduism studies in the U.S.? Plenty, say non-scholars and scholars critical of the academy.

Are Hinduism Studies Prejudiced?

A Look at Microsoft Encarta, by Sankrant Sanu

  • RISA Lila 1: Wendy's Child Syndrome
  • RISA Lila 2: Limp Scholarship and Demonology
    Critiquing Hinduism studies in the U.S. By Rajiv Malhotra

    The Courtright Twist And Academic Freedom
    Would books making dubious psychoanalytical claims about the Prophet Muhammed, or the Virgin Mary, exist for 20 years in the American academia without any internal critique? By Sankrant Sanu


    When The Cigar Becomes A Phallus: Part 1 and Part 2
    Deconstructing Freudian theories in Courtright's "Ganesha." By Vishal Agarwal And Kalavai Venkat

    The Uses (and Misuses) Of Psychoanalysis in South Asian Studies: Mysticism and Child Development
    By Alan Roland

    Additional Articles

    Taking Back Hindu Studies


    Hinduism in American Classrooms

    Puzzling Dimensions and Theoretical Knots in my Graduate School Research


    Love's Child: The Way Of The Gods
    By Antonio T. de Nicolas

    Stereotypes in Schooling: Negative Pressures in the American Educational System

    The Clandestine Curriculum in the Classroom

    The Groan: Loss of Scholarship and High Drama in "South Asian" Studies

    India and Her Traditions: A Reply to Jeffrey Kripal by S. N. Balagangadhara

    Kali's Child: Psychological And Hermeneutical Problems
    By Prof. Somnath Bhattacharyya

    On Colonial Experience and the Indian Renaissance
    By S. N. Balagangadhara

    Could The Emperor Just Be Buck Naked?
    By V. Chandrasekhar

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