Answered Prayers

Beliefnet and US News asked readers to 'Describe any times when your prayers were answered.' Here are some of their responses.

My son is deployed to Iraq. He wasn't due to come home for R & R for a variety of reasons. My husband's brother was killed but my son was still not able to come home because the fighting was too intense. My son surprised me on my doorstep Thanksgiving Day. I know what an answer to a prayer looks like.

I lost a 4-year-old and I was overwhelmed with guilt and grief. For months I was depressed and was taking anti-depressants and just crawling through the days, I asked God to help me overcome this grief and give me peace and forgiveness for the person who ran over my child. I had a great deal of bitterness in me because I couldn't understand why God would have took my son. It was through prayer and prayer only that brought me out of it. The lord answered my prayer by reminding me of something my 4-yr-old would always say. He would always grab my face whenever I said "I love you" to him and say "With all your heart, right?" This made me realize my grief was not for him but for me only, he was in God's hands and I needed to stop griefing and live.


My prayer to stop smoking, was answered right away. The nicotine addiction was gone immediately after I prayed.

Prayers of protection were answered when something told me to look up from a dead stop behind another vehicle turning to see a car behind me unable to stop. I pulled over to the sholder at the last minute (something I normally would have not thought to do...) to witness a five car crash, which would have been seven and a eighteen wheeler, had not a pregnant woman behind me followed my lead so the truck behind her had room to stop.

Peace flows into my heart every time i offer prayer and praises to Allah.

Prayed for car for my daughter who had a great need but not a lot of money. Asked the Lord to send her a reliable car that she could afford. The next day in talking to coworker she mentioned that she was selling her second car. Price was right and deal happened.

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