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The Unbound Bible | Look it up

A work sponsored by Biola University. The site includes 9 English versions (with the NASB), a Greek and Hebrew version (the original Bible languages), 4 ancient version, and 28 versions in other languages 

King James Version Bible | Look it up

Full text is provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities. 


Revised Standard Version Bible

Full text is provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities.

New American Bible

Provided by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference. The site provides the entire Catholic Bible in a browsable format. It also includes the historical, prefatory material for each of the major sections of the Bible.


Septuagint (Orthodox) | Look it up

This site is the online home of the LXX.Org Project. The project is producing The Orthodox Study Bible, which will include the Septuagint, the New Testament and Orthodox notes. Progress updates are available on the site as well as draft translations of Old Testament books in PDF format. 

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Inspirational Bible Quotes for Today

Today and every day, pray with inspirational bible quotes to strengthen your faith and uplift your spirit. Here's 10 special bible quotes and daily affirmations.

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Bible Verses That Will Help Improve Your Faith Walk

Strengthen your relationship with God with these powerful Bible verses.

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10 Bizarre Stories from the Bible

The 10 most bizarre stories from the Bible are revealed.

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7 Shocking Scenes that Happened in The Bible

Step into the Bible and explore these seven scenes you won't believe are in the Good Book!

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20 Encouraging Bible Verse Pictures

In need of some encouragement? Here are 20 beautiful bible verse images that highlight some of the most inspirational scriptures in the bible.

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10 Great Bible Verses to Read and Reread

10 Bible verses that can change your life.

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5 Bible Verses About Family

Reciting and engraining these Bible verses into your families every day will help to build prosperity and depth.

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Bible Verses Children Need to Know

These seven inspirational Bible verses will help your child grow on their faith journey and carry God’s word wherever they go.

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