'What I'm Giving Up for Lent'

From Little Debbie cakes to bad attitudes to political talk shows, Beliefnet readers reveal what they're forgoing this Lent.

Beliefnet asked our readers what Lenten disciplines they're taking on for the Christian liturgical season. Here's what they told us.

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"I plan to give up my iPod—as well as my other electronic devices—so that I can be free to hear from God. I feel like I am always surrounded by noise and for once I would like to dedicate this period of fasting to doing something that will result in my resting in silence and listening for God."

"I'm turning off my computer at midnight. If anyone who reads this is from the boards I normally frequent, you will realize this is a real sacrifice."


"I am hoping to give up a negative attitude that I have toward a particular person."


"For this Lent...I'm trying to overcome a weird addiction I have--I love to make myself upset by listening to people whose politics and attitudes differ from mine, i.e., Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly.... In some perverse way I'm addicted to the feelings of smug superiority and righteous indignation that come up in me when these people spout their hateful nonsense...but it diverts energy and attention away from God by focusing it on my own ego."




"So many people have been extremely kind to us and haven't really received a thank you. So, [my husband and I] have listed those who have impacted our lives in a Christlike way. We are going to contact one person a day, either sending them a letter or a small gift, and tell them how much they have meant to us."


"Little Debbies. They make me lie to my husband ('No, dear, one of the kids must've eaten that last Fudge Round')... How pitiful am I to let my impulses be controlled by a snack cake that doesn't even cost $1/box on sale."


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