What Do Mormons Believe?

Answers to your frequently asked questions about the Latter-day Saints

As a Mormon, has Mitt Romney sworn an oath to follow the church's prophet? If so, wouldn't that be a potential conflict with his oath as president?

Latter-day Saints do not swear an oath to follow the prophet or any other mortal. Latter-day Saints who have been to a Mormon temple pledge to keep the commandments of God and do all they can to build his kingdom on earth. One of those commandments Mormons believe in is to honor and sustain the law of the land. They also believe the constitution is a divinely inspired document. So, there would be no conflict between their religion and an oath to support and defend the constitution.

Recently, Mike Huckabee asked in an interview if Mormons believe Satan and Jesus are brothers. Do they believe that?

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is God the Son, the first born of the father, and the only begotten in the flesh. Lucifer was an angel who rebelled and was cast out of heaven, becoming Satan.. The question of their being brothers makes little sense to Mormons, since there is no special relationship they have, other than in the very general sense of being, along with all of us, children who were created by the same Father in Heaven.

Do Mormons believe Jesus is the Son of God?

Yes, Mormons believe Jesus Christ is literally the Son of God who died for the sins of humankind, and rose from the dead on the third day. They affirm that he was God before he came into the world, and that salvation is offered only through his atonement. Resurrection and immortality are his unconditional gift to the entire human family.(back to top)

What's the Book of Mormon?

Mormons believe The Book of Mormon is a testament of Jesus Christ, his teachings, and his dealings with ancient inhabitants of the American continent. It covers a period from roughly six centuries before to four centuries after Christ. It also chronicles the appearance of the resurrected Christ to these ancient peoples, and the eventual demise of those who believed in him and went by the name of Nephites. Mormons believe the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith and told him about the record. It was delivered to Smith in 1827; he translated it, and published it in 1830. Mormons consider it to supplement the Bible.

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