Flocking to the Wild Goose

What is the Wild Goose?

I feel a little guilty for staying in bed until 11:30 this morning, but only a little. It’s been a week and I still haven’t caught up on missed sleep from the festival that is Wild Goose.

The Wild Goose Festival was a four day event focusing on art, spirituality, music, and justice that took place during the last weekend of June in Shakori Hills, NC. Talks and performances were given by many well-known progressive Christian leaders, musicians, and even mainstream presenters who gathered together to pursue the Wild Goose—a Celtic symbol designed to encapsulate the free and uncapturable nature of the Holy Spirit.

The above photo is of me talking with author, preacher, and lecturer Brian McLaren about one of his recent books. Dialogue was a key theme of Wild Goose, where presenters were asked to reverse traditional speaking roles by asking the audience questions while remaining engagingly receptive to each person’s response.

Ben Wright is a minister, teacher, Christian television producer, professional DJ, and a member of the stage crew at the Wild Goose festival.. 

Photos by Bill Guerrant

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