My Introduction to Healing Spiritually

A Christian Scientist's account of his first healing through prayer – in the first grade.

From birth until the time I was in first grade, mainstream medicine was my family's choice for health care.  My doctor, Doctor Syme, was a friendly, gentle man who I saw for checkups twice a year.  When I was about six years-old a relative introduced Christian Science to my father. Just a couple of months later, quite a significant – actually, life-changing – event occurred.

One weekend my father and I were skiing up on Sandia Peak, near Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This was a long time ago and ski equipment wasn't designed as well as it is now. As I was traversing across the hill, I fell and my leg spun completely around without the binding releasing.  I remember lying there in the snow crying and seeing a ski patrolman stop right near me.  Through my tears, I tried to ask him to spin my leg back around.  He wouldn't do that of course, concerned that he might injure me further.  Finally, they got my ski off, and my father transported me down the hill and quickly got me into our car.  I still was crying and noticed that my leg was bent at a funny angle.


Although we'd only learned of Christian Science a short time ago, my Father and I felt comfortable turning to prayer right away for healing.  My father took me home instead of to our doctor.  I remember so well sitting on our living room floor with my leg on a pillow. My brother was there, too, watching television.  But my father was practising "Christian Science treatment" for my leg.  I remember him praying quietly, reading the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

What happened next changed my life completely.  I didn't really comprehend what my father was doing, but I could tell that he was praying with all his heart. I later learned that Christian Science treatment involves a deep, divine, listening kind of prayer that brings the power of God's love to any human need, including something this serious.

Despite the sound of the TV, I decided I could quiet my thought so I could listen to God too. Soon, I began to feel, without reserve, all the love, and power that were behind my Father's prayer.  Without thinking, I stood up and walked across the living room to change the channel on the television set. I was completely and permanently healed!

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