Biography: Mary Baker Eddy

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Eddy joined the ranks of other religious leaders and reformers and learned to exploit the print media. In 1883, she began editing and printing The Christian Science Journal.

Church membership grew. Eddy became painfully aware of the abuses of religious organization; therefore, she dissolved her church. Eddy reorganized it in 1892 and began writing and re-writing a Church Manual as guidance for members, in an effort to dislodge the embedded human tendency to maintain a rigid class-conscious status-quo instead of meeting the spiritual needs of humanity. Rather notably was a move in 1895, when Eddy instructed the churches to eliminate personal preachers and read verses selected from the Bible and Science and Health as an impersonal Pastor.

Eddy started and managed The Christian Science Publishing Society in 1998. Up until her death in 1910, Eddy worked unremittingly to proclaim the good news of spiritual healing.

Cheryl Petersen is a freelance writer and author of 21st Century Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, a revision of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health. Cheryl’s blog is
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