Faith In The Fog Excerpt

When our faith wavers, how can we get back on track? Christian author Jeff Lucas helps us understand how to overcome.

the power of Gods name

Taken from Faith In The Fog Copyright ©

2014 by Jeff Lucas. Published by Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

 Used by Permission.


Follow me.

Just two words.

But those words had triggered a revolution in Peter’s life three years earlier. And absolutely everything changed for him when he responded to Jesus’ invitation. In issuing the call, Jesus laid out no route map and outlined no detailed plans. It really was a leap of faith for Peter.


The call was not to go somewhere, but rather to be with someone, and so all Peter knew was that he was being invited to be with this marvelous, mysterious Jesus, and that from then on he’d “fish for men.”

Now that’s a strange but tantalizing job description.

In the heady three years that followed, Peter experienced so many emotions: Everest summits when revelations dawned on him without warning; Death Valleys of despair as he’d battled bewilderment and disappointment — mainly with himself.


He’d tried hard to make sense of the unpredictable friend and rabbi who stood with him there on the beach. Jesus had been like a mirror to Peter, showing him the uncomfortable and, at times, ugly truth. Jesus had unlocked the very secrets of the universe to this Galilean fisherman. And now, there was blood on the horizon.


If Peter could have caught the slightest glimpse of what was unfolding for him in world history, he would have been staggered. As he and Jesus strolled along the beach, the sun slowly inching higher in the day, Peter was a history maker in the making. But he didn’t know that then and certainly couldn’t grasp the fullness of what that looked like.

There had been moments of decision before, times when he could have just walked away, abandoned the rabbi, gone back to the family business, and gotten on with his life. But when a whole swathe of Jesus’followers had decided to abandon him, appalled by some of his sayings, Peter and the eleven had decided to stick with him.

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Jeff Lucas
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