Bishop TD Jakes Star Studded Surprise Party

The Jakes Family Celebrate 30 years of marriage, 35 years in ministry and 55 years of life!

BY: Jana Gordon


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The most emotional moment of the night was First Lady Serita Jakes’ declaration to her husband, “I know you in a more precious way then anyone in the room. We celebrate 30 years of marriage and when you came into my life – you kissed away all of my pain. Because of you, I’ve learned how to walk again, I learned to smile again.” This is true in more ways than one. After a car accident occurred early in their marriage, First Lady Jakes was unable to walk and depended on her husband’s strength and steadfast love. They haven’t looked back.


 There’s no turning back  for this power couple, there is still much to be done! “When I first met my wife,” Bishop Jakes says warmly, “ I told her stick with me and girl I’m going to take you places you’ve never been.” First Lady Jakes  glances over at the crowd and says, “He kept his promise.”

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