Behind the Scenes With The Osteens

Beliefnet went behind the scenes with the Osteens as they prepared for America’s Night of Hope in Washington DC. The entire team truly operated like a family working together toward one common goal – leaving the city better than they found it.

BY: Jana Gordon


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As the stadium stands fill up with people, excitement fills the air both online and at the stadium. People log-in to the live chat room hours before the event starts in anticipation. The Osteen’s six-person social media team moderate comments like: “Really looking forward to watching this event.Thank you so much for making it available online!!! God bless you all!!” and “We are from Kuwait and waiting for this event since last night!! Waiting with expectation.... Of blessing through the Word of God,” and finally “We have our whole church congregation in our sanctuary and are eagerly waiting for the event to start. We cannot wait to see how Joel will bless all of us today!”  The fact that the event was postponed due to rainy weather did not keep the people from coming and the power of God from pouring out all over Washington  DC and the world. What an exciting weekend! Joel opens America’s Night of Hope, true to form encouraging the hearts of God’s children with his opening, “Receive favor…you would not be alive unless God had another victory for you! Somebody needs what you have!” Being with the entire Osteen team was truly transformational – and just like the city – I too was left a little better then before.

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