Behind the Scenes With The Osteens

Beliefnet went behind the scenes with the Osteens as they prepared for America’s Night of Hope in Washington DC. The entire team truly operated like a family working together toward one common goal – leaving the city better than they found it.

“You can’t have faith if you don’t have hope,” Joel Osteen says “A lot of people are down, discouraged and they don’t have a vision for the their future. So we try to lift people’s spirits and let them know what’s ahead of them is better than what’s behind them. And when you really believe that down on the inside that’s what allows God to bring it to pass.” Joel and Victoria tagged team the city – as she traveled to local schools in the area reading to children and he blessed America’s legislative body praying for both the Senate and the House of Representatives. A powerful pair and very much in love, Joel tells the story about how they met, “I was with my friend Johnny at the time and we stopped by her parent’s jewelry store to get a battery for my watch. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. A  couple weeks later I invited her to a Rockets game!” The location of their first date is now the location of their ministry, Lakewood Church, where they bless people from all over the world. Joel and his longtime friend Johnny McGowan laugh as they recount when Johnny encouraged him to finally ask Victoria on a date. McGowan travels with Joel and the two have a great friendship, “He’s the same Joel wherever he goes,” he says. “People ask me all the time what’s Joel like…


and I say exactly what you see on t.v.” Joel affectionately known as the “smiling pastor” takes on a different, more serious, role as he sits in the control room framing shots and reviewing creative aspects in preparation for the event. One can easily see why Joel said “If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I would be working in television production.

I love production and when my dad was alive that was my role at the church.”The main stage is lit, production crew and technical staff are running around getting everything in place for America’s Night of Hope. The Washington Nationals stadium is completely transformed and ready for Joel and Victoria to hit the big stage. The Osteens brought their son Jonathan and daughter Alexandra along. The siblings are both very active in serving on the worship ministry at the church and are on program regularly for the A Night of Hope tour.

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