Victoria Osteen Says 'Love Your Life'

Victoria Osteen, co-pastor of Lakewood Church with her husband, Joel Osteen, discusses her first book, "Love Your Life." She offers advice on relationships, family and difficult times.

Victoria OsteenVictoria Osteen, wife of Joel Osteen, serves with her husband as co-pastor of Lakewood Church, America's largest church. In addition to her ministry, she is the mother of two children. She sat down with Beliefnet to talk about her first book, "Love Your Life: Living, Happy, Healthy & Whole." 

In your book, you mention letting go of negative thoughts and beliefs. Given the current economic situation, though,what would advice would you give for people who may be struggling right now?

This time more than ever that we need to keep ourselves encouraged. If we just focus on what’s going on in the media, we’re going to get discouraged, and the truth is, there are uncertainties.

But, one thing is certain: our families are important. Don’t get so stressed out and so preoccupied that we neglect one of the greatest things that God has given us, and that’s our families. Because these economic times and uncertainties, they will pass. We’re going to come back because we live in a great nation. Be grateful and keep the right perspective. I think all of these principles can help us.


In the book you wrote that it’s important to take care of yourself. But you also wrote about trying to understand what your family members need. How do you balance taking care of yourself and taking care of other people?

As women, we’re nurturers by nature. We want to we want to make sure everyone is happy. That’s a good thing, but we also have to put ourselves on that happiness list. Whatever gives you time to recharge your own battery is well-spent time-- because you can’t give out of an empty bucket. It doesn’t have to be a week's vacation. Whether it’s taking hot baths and or taking 30 minutes to clear your mind, just make sure you like it.

I’ve learned in my life that things change. Seasons changes, times change. We take different jobs. Our children grow. So, we have to study the people in our lives and adapt to them, because when we do that, we get more out of our relationships.

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