Adventures In Ghana


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Adventures in Ghana

Sunday Worship This past year I was in a Christian band comprised of four Americans and one Ghanaian through an organization called Youth Encounter . The Christian Church and faith are very strong in Ghana, and we were invited to tour the Western African country by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana. Our goals in going were few but sufficient; to strengthen, grow, and encourage the Christian Church. I knew however, that I would be strenghtened as well.

We played music in congregations to encourage people to continue and grow in their walk with Christ, while other times we were invited to schools to speak to classes about our personal faith. Some days were even spent going to markets or hospitals to meet inspiring people, play music, or even introduce the gospel. Partnering with Ghanaian Christians in love and service to others was such a privilege, and I am so grateful for meeting the incredible people of this multi-cultural nation. At first not knowing what I would experience, I found the three-month trip was more amazing than I ever could have imagined!
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