10 Steps to Turning Your Life Around

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Look Up

Sun shining down through redwood trees

To look up means taking the time to find a place within yourself and around you to renew your spirit. Be intentional. Take a spiritual health break. When all is dark around you and no light shines at the end of your tunnel of despair, look up! Knocked down? Look up. Perplexed and confused? Look up. Surrounded by trouble...and depressed? Look up!

Steps to Look Up

  • Set aside a quiet time to pray regularly. Talk with God as you would a friend.
  • Get up and walk; don't just sit around bemoaning your problems.
  • Ask God for a vision for your life.
  • Choose to become new again. Allow God to do a "new thing" in you (Isaiah 43).




Moving Up by Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook Moving Up
By Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook