10 Steps to Turning Your Life Around

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Speak Up


Never let fear keep you from speaking up. God hasn't given you a spirit of fear, but has imbued you with power, love, and a good, sound mind to give voice to your dreams, visions, ideas, and thoughts. So what if you miss the mark with a speech or message? So what if you stumble a bit, mumble, or stutter? Find your voice. Work on your diction. Work on your timing. Work on your voice, presentation, substance, and style. Speak up.

Steps to Speak Up

  • Pray and listen to God's leading and direction right now. Ask God to help you to "open your mouth and increase your territory" (prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:10).
  • Prepare what you are going to say and then practice articulating your message clearly.
  • Embrace a bold and courageous attitude.
  • Speak up and create an environment and legacy for others to speak up. Start working with those around you.




Moving Up by Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook Moving Up
By Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook