10 Steps to Turning Your Life Around

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Stand Up

Boxing glove and punching bag

Picture yourself as an inflatable boxing toy with a weighted base, a bop bag. Every time you hit that toy, it falls over, but it bounces right back up. Nothing can keep it down unless it's deflated. Refuse to decompress or deflate. When someone punches the breath out of you, inhale. Let God's spirit breathe new hope and life into you. Believe who He says you are, not what others say to defame and degrade you. You are a child of the King, bow to no negative circumstance or critical diatribe, stand up!

Steps to Stand Up

  • Believe who God says you are, not what detractors label you.
  • Stand up with stand up people; stop sitting down with negative, "ain't it awful" folks.
  • Leave the sitting chair of your past behind; decide your future...
  • When you get "sick and tired of being sick and tired," don't give up...stand up!




Moving Up by Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook Moving Up
By Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook