Jimmy Carter, Sunday School Teacher

The former president on why he believes Jesus will save everyone, and how his faith complicated--and sustained--his presidency.

BY: Interview by Elizabeth Sams


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And I don't see those two commitments as incompatible. But, to emphasize either one of them to the exclusion of the other one is a serious mistake.

And I tried to write a simple book, a comprehensible book, based on my own 30 years of deep involvement in the Holy Land. And I believe the book is absolutely accurate. And, obviously, people have disagreed.

Sometimes, their disagreement has been superficial, just based on the use of the one word apartheid. But, I don't have any doubt that what is perpetrated against the Palestinians now is apartheid. It's not based on racism. It's just based on a minority of Israelis who want to take and keep and colonize Palestinian land.

And in the process, they have to persecute the Palestinians to subdue them. And this is not something that goes on inside Israel. This is just in Palestine.

'I don't have any doubt that what is perpetrated against the Palestinians now is apartheid.'

So, I've tried to explain that dozens, maybe even hundreds of times to public news media. But, still, there are people who deliberately misinterpret the book.

But, the book is good. It was necessary. And it has, indeed, precipitated some almost unprecedented discussion.

If you could magically remove one barrier to peace from each side of the equation, what would you change?

Well, I would get the Palestinians to emulate what all the Arab nations have done unanimously. That is, to pledge to recognize Israel's right to exist and to exist in peace within their recognized international borders.

All the Arab countries have done it. Two-thirds of the Palestinians have done it. Hamas should do it, also. That would be on the Palestinian side.

On the Israeli side, just a withdrawal from Palestine. It's not their territory. And their persistence in occupying and building settlements and taking land away from the Palestinians and then persecuting the Palestinians - that on the Israeli side.

So, living within the international borders and foregoing any kind of violence, and recognizing the right of Israelis to live in peace - those are the two things.

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