Where Faith Saturates Life

In the popular Mitford novels, readers get to know the entire town. But it's Jesus Christ who's really the main character.

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, where she explained, "I try to depict how our faith may be woven into our daily life, like brandy poured into coffee." It was that infusion of faith into the quotidian lives of ordinary people that drew me not only to Mitford, but to Christianity. Less than two years later, I was baptized.

Father Tim appears to be the novels' hero, but the central figure may actually be the community of Mitford itself--Karon has said she writes to give "to give readers an extended family." The Mitford novels take us to a place very different from our own hectic, atomized life: to a place where people are genuine neighbors to one another, where friends take the time to sit on their front porches and while away the evening in conversation, where pew-sitters in the same church manage to be involved in each other's daily lives without being too intrusive or nosy or gossipy.

Who's the real star of the Mitford series?
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    Indeed, some readers have found community--albeit virtual--in the

    chat rooms of the Mitford website
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