'Where Hope Lies': An Interview With Steven Curtis Chapman

The popular Christian singer has teamed up with Luis Palau to help bring God into people's lives--in a 'non-churchy' way.

Grammy Award winner Steven Curtis Chapman is getting ready to embark on a nationwide tour promoting his albums "All Things New" and "All I Really Want For Christmas." He's also just released a book, "Restoring Broken Things," about Jesus' commitment to make all things new and our role in the process. Before his tour, he'll be performing at the Luis Palau Festival in Washington, D.C. on October 8th. He spoke with Beliefnet recently about Palau, his music, and what Jesus meant when he said "your kingdom come."

Why Luis Palau? Why now?

I did my first festival six or seven years ago. And I'd never met Luis but had heard a lot of great things about his ministry and what was happening with that. He's incredible and has been a real blessing to me. He's done so many things around the world, too, and that was one of the first things that impressed me and got me excited to lock arms or join hands with that ministry. I saw a real global vision for what they were about.

Haven't you also been involved with them in China, which is a country you've been deeply involved with for some time? [The Chapmans have adopted three little girls from China.]


Yeah. I threw it out there when we met that if they were ever interested in doing something in China to let me know. A couple of years later he called and said we're going to China, and I got to go and spend a lot of time with him for a week and fell in love with him for his heart, what he is about, and got a chance to see what all goes on inside that guy's heart and mind for people and for God. I said then that any time I could be part of one of his festivals I wanted to do it. He's been oriented to make it as non-churchy or "Christianese" as you could be. It draws people in, passers-by, everyone, so it is an exciting thing to be a part of.

The festival is being held in Washington, D.C. With so much talk about Christians in politics these days, do you think that there is a message here about any of that?

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