Hardcore Faith: Interview with Stephen Baldwin

The actor talks about his new short film, his skateboarding ministry, and why it's OK to call the Lord 'dude.'

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Listen to Clips from Luis Palau's DC Festival

I spoke at an "Acquire the Fire" conference in front of 3000 youth pastors last year. I had a couple guys come up to me [with] tears in their eyes, saying "we've been asking our senior pastors for years to have a skate night and now because of what you're doing, we think that they may go for it." A lot of churches right now, even Rick Warren at Saddleback is getting ready to do a major skate park on his property. I don't think you'll be seeing half-pipes in too many sanctuaries anytime soon, but hey, praise the Lord!

"I have no interest in changing Hollywood."
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  • Listen to Clips from Luis Palau's DC Festival
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    Listen to Clips from Luis Palau's DC Festival
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