'A Deliberate Attack Against the Name of Jesus Christ'

Franklin Graham on America as a Christian nation, his father, Islam, and how he prays

What was the catalyst for your new book?

It just fascinated me that [this is] a nation whose foundations are built by people who came to this country seeking freedom to worship The Name-not the name of Muhammad or Buddha or some other faith system. They came to worship the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. That was the whole premise of this country to exist. The ideal that we aspire to so much in this country and we hold as maybe the greatest virtue that we offer as a free democratic society is this notion of tolerance.

Jesus Christ is the author of the tolerance that we hold to in this nation. Jesus Christ never belittled another faith system. He never preached against the idolatry that was all around him in different faiths. He showed great tolerance toward sinners--he loved them as a matter of fact. He went to their homes to where it shocked the religious leaders of the day that this man Jesus Christ showed such tolerance.

Yet Christians do not get the same level of treatment. It's not a level playing field. You mention the name of Jesus Christ and you have all types of groups who come after you. Since World War II, there's been a deliberate attack against the name of Jesus Christ.

Why World War II?


Well, I think our nation began to change quite a bit after World War II. I don't know if it's because of the television--that certainly has been one of the great changes in this nation in my life since the 1950s. And there has been an underlying current. Every time you see a minister of the Gospel on television--is he portrayed in a nice way, or does he come off as some kind of fanatical person or a manipulator, a guy who's grabbing money, these types of things, or an adulterer. So there's an attack against the name of Jesus Christ. If you take Christ out of Christmas you call it Xmas. Or if it's a government agency you can't even use the word Christmas, you have to use Season's Greetings or Happy Holidays. And this is the greatest name in all of history. It's the most controversial name in all of history. There isn't another name that sparks such emotin as the name of Jesus Christ.

But 85% of us are at least nominally Christian in America. So the other side of the argument goes that it can never be a level playing field because Christians are so dominant.

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