The Great Investment

Family, faith, and finance are the three ingredients of a successful life.

Isn't it interesting how so many things come in threes? There are three aspects of God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There are three parts of humans--body, mind, and soul. There are three stages of life--eternity past, eternity present, and eternity future. The Pauline epistles refer to a group of three as well; Paul writes of faith, hope, and charity. The Hebrew chronologist speaks of the inner court, the outer court, and the holy of holies. Even our government breaks down into three branches: the executive, the judicial, and the legislative, all three working together to form a system in which justice is served.

In my near 25 years of pastoring, I have discovered another cohesive triplet that is essential to the life traveler in order to be happy and successful. We can carry only a limited number of bags if we are to move efficiently and effectively to our desired destination. I believe there are three bags we should all carry: faith for the hard times; family for the fulfillment of intimate and interpersonal needs; and finances through which one acquires the luxury of options. Faith, family and finance--if you carry these three and not destroy one in the pursuit of another, nothing is impossible.

To achieve success, any sojourner needs to have those three bags and five concepts plotted out on a map to get to a destination expeditiously and securely. We need to locate our faith in the favor of God; identify our gifting; recognize the power of a plan; learn that giving is the cycle that releases more in our lives; and always have the knowledge that 10% of what we have is not ours--but belongs to God.

  • Faith in the Favor of God -- Favor will come to your life when you understand who God is and who you are, and when you find out your unique purpose in life in light of God's will. As a carrot placed in front of a horse causes him to gallop more swiftly, people with a dream before them run the race with tenacity because they are motivated by their goal.

  • Identify Your Calling -- God gives each of us unique gifts. It is our job to recognize, nurture, and utilize these gifts in order to live up to our full potential. Many people do not succeed because they have more appreciation for what God has given someone else than for their own resources and gifts. Many aspire to imitate greatness in others rather than excavate the greatness that is in them. You must identify your own gifts and then use them. Your plan to get wealth must include a willingness to do what you do best whether you are in the spotlight or behind the scenes, receive adequate compensation or are underpaid.

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