The Law of Attraction and the Buddhist

You can use your mind to change your life.

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Craving and greed

The second biggest barrier to manifesting our dreams is craving and greed. Every time we succumb to frustration when we do not get what we want fast enough, we weaken our wish-power. But if we can combine our wishes with a genuine altruistic motivation we will experience much less craving. And that, in turn, will make us much more successful in attracting people who will help us, “lucky” opportunities and finally the manifestation of our aim.


Another major obstacle is resentment. It may seem puzzling, but if we hold grudges against only one single person, it will stand in the way of manifesting our dreams. Grudges and other strong negative emotions need to be removed before we can become successful with the law of attraction. Yet again, pursuing our dreams with a loving motivation will help us to overcome this obstacle, as well.


Yet another typical stumbling block is dealing with set-backs. Sadly, many people are quick to believe that their wish was not meant to be once they encounter a few major set-backs. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that it is they themselves who are in charge about what is meant to be or not. If we delegate our power to any other force other than ourselves we will greatly weaken our creative strength.
Working with our chakras

Our reality starts with the state of chakras – the energy centers along our spine. They work like a film projector and project our inner reality into the “outside” world. Through focusing on our chakras with love, we can clear them out of all our negative thoughts and emotions. Then we need to charge them up through intensive focus and in that way we can create our own personal reality.

By having a loving motivation and working with our chakras we can manifest the most spectacular dreams. And, what is even more important, we can grow on our spiritual path simultaneously.


Advanced ManifestingTara Springett is the author of Advanced Manifesting – Tibetan Buddhist Secrets for Fulfilling your Dreams. She holds an M.A. in Education and is a fully qualified psychotherapist. She has post-graduate qualifications in gestalt therapy, body awareness therapy and transpersonal therapy. She has worked as a drugs counsellor, counsellor for adolescents and general psychotherapist since 1988.
Tara has been a dedicated Buddhist practitioner since 1986. In 1997 she received encouragement from her Buddhist teacher to teach others. Tara has since taught on-going meditation groups and combines Buddhist wisdom and her experience in counselling when assisting her clients with their personal growth, self development & improvement. For more advice on manifesting, go to

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