The Law of Attraction and the Buddhist

You can use your mind to change your life.

BY: Tara Springett, M.A.


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Why is altruistic love so important?

Manifesting our dreams by using the power of our mind only works if we can clear out our unconscious mind from all our deep-seated resistance. Doing this is not easy, because our unconscious mind is simply not accessible for most of us. However, if we pursue our personal wishes with an altruistic motivation, we will automatically clear out our unconscious mind of all our hidden blocks that would otherwise sabotage our manifesting practice. Let me explain:

Unconscious guilt feelings

One of the biggest barriers to manifesting our dreams are unconscious guilt feelings. As long as these feelings are not thoroughly dealt with our wish cannot manifest. Being loving and altruistic is one of the easiest ways to let go of this unconscious guilt and feel more deserving. It works because everybody feels more deserving if they are motivated by love. On the other hand, no amount of affirmations and “trying” to feel more deserving can replace an altruistic motivation, because these methods simply cannot reach into our unconscious mind.

Craving and greed

The second biggest barrier to manifesting our dreams is craving and greed. Every time we succumb to frustration when we do not get what we want fast enough, we weaken our wish-power. But if we can combine our wishes with a genuine altruistic motivation we will experience much less craving. And that, in turn, will make us much more successful in attracting people who will help us, “lucky” opportunities and finally the manifestation of our aim.

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