The Law of Attraction and the Buddhist

You can use your mind to change your life.

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Many people have heard of the law of attraction and have tried using it to make their dreams come true. And many people, including myself, had spectacular success with this technique. Unfortunately, for many people this method does not seem to work and they become discouraged.

From a Buddhist point of view, this lack of success is not surprising because many people are missing a decisive link to fulfill their wishes.

What is the missing link that clarifies the law of attraction ?

In my experience of working with this law for 25 years, the most important point is to work only with wishes that will definitely bring happiness. We probably all had the experience when we really wanted something only to find that it didn’t suit us once we got it.

So, what are these wishes that will always bring genuine happiness? The answer is – only wishes that contain altruistic love for others will make us happy in the long-term. For example, if we wish for a soulmate and focus only on ourselves and our partner, there will be a great risk of picking the wrong person. But if we focus on how we want to benefit the whole world through the love and happiness we will generate in our relationship, our personal happiness will be an almost guaranteed by-product.

The missing link of the law of attraction from a Buddhist point of view is the skill of bringing altruistic love into all of our dreams and wish to benefit others through the fulfillment of our own desires.


Why is altruistic love so important?

Manifesting our dreams by using the power of our mind only works if we can clear out our unconscious mind from all our deep-seated resistance. Doing this is not easy, because our unconscious mind is simply not accessible for most of us. However, if we pursue our personal wishes with an altruistic motivation, we will automatically clear out our unconscious mind of all our hidden blocks that would otherwise sabotage our manifesting practice. Let me explain:

Unconscious guilt feelings

One of the biggest barriers to manifesting our dreams are unconscious guilt feelings. As long as these feelings are not thoroughly dealt with our wish cannot manifest. Being loving and altruistic is one of the easiest ways to let go of this unconscious guilt and feel more deserving. It works because everybody feels more deserving if they are motivated by love. On the other hand, no amount of affirmations and “trying” to feel more deserving can replace an altruistic motivation, because these methods simply cannot reach into our unconscious mind.

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