The Five-Minute Miracle

Higher-consciousness healing can turn your life and your perception around.

Higher Consciousness

Back in 1997 I had been a psychotherapist and drugs counsellor for nine years. But despite my best efforts my clients did not improve as quickly as I wished. All this was to change when the method that I came to call ‘Higher-consciousness healing’ suddenly popped into my head while I was listening to a talk from my Buddhist teacher.

Higher-consciousness healing proved so effective that it brought quick and lasting results with all my clients – even to people who had experienced severe traumas or suffered from life-long emotional and relationship problems.

What makes higher-consciousness healing so effective? All wise people have told us that love is the answer to all our questions and the cure for all our problems. But even though everybody has heard this truth most of us find it hard to put it into practice – particularly when we feel victimized by others or suffer from overwhelming problems. Higher-consciousness healing enables people to link into the part of their mind that already knows the solution to all their problems. In this way, problems that are rooted deep within our unconscious mind can be resolved, relationships can be restored to peace and harmony and painful emotions dissolve.


The core of the practice is to contact our higher-consciousness (in whatever way we choose to perceive it) and ask for healing-symbols to overcome our problems. These symbols need to be felt or visualized in a certain way radiating with love to ourselves, to our painful body parts and to everyone who is involved in our problem. The results of this simple practice are nothing less than fascinating. I have worked with many hundreds of cases and I have carefully monitored everyone’s feelings. In most cases this method enables people to improve their problems dramatically – be they big or small – within a matter of days or weeks.

This practice can be used to help others, too. Many of my clients have used it on behalf of their small children to help them sleep through the night, for example, or to alleviate the suffering of loved-ones. Higher-consciousness has also been successfully used by older children (from the age of five). Finally, I have seen many marriages improve even when my client’s partner did not know about this practice. Higher-consciousness healing is a classic self-help practice. It can be learnt simply from the book The Five-Minute Miracle and it is completely safe.

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