Celebrating Magha Puja

The Buddhist Celebration of Magha Puja Day shared by Begginer's Heart blogger Britton Gildersleeve.

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And if you're wanting to make special merit, add the following three, to make the Eight Precepts:
6. To abstain from eating at improper times (after noon).
7. To abstain from dancing, singing, music, shows, wearing garlands, using perfumes, and using cosmetics.
8. To abstain from high & large seats & beds.

 Buddhists are reminded to meditate on Magha Puja Day, as well. But as even the Thai government points out, the focus of Magha Puja Day is "the veneration of Buddha and his teachings on the full moon day of the third lunar month."

So perhaps, after cleaning the house, you can light a candle and take it outside, to meditate on the 5 Precepts. You might add the 5 Positive Virtues, while you're at it:

1. Loving-kindness and compassion.
2. Patience in the right means of livelihood.
3. Contentment in married life.
4. Truthfulness.
5. Watchfulness.

And a completely acceptable –  if simple –  focus is always to meditate on the Three Jewels and their importance: The Buddha ( his attainment of enlightenment), The Sangha (the community of Buddhists, both those familiar and the many world-wide, beyond our own individual lives), and finally, the Dharma (the Buddha's own teachings). A meditation that encompasses every part of Buddhism. And what the Buddha himself taught that first Magha Puja Day. 


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