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Prayer for Lakshmi's Grace in Both Worldly and Spiritual Endeavors

Lakshmi is extolled as the source and substance of the entire universe. Therefore she blesses her devotees with abundance in a beautiful, worldly existence as well as a rich and fulfilling spiritual life.

A person immersed in the depths of your wisdom

Enjoys the fullness of a happy life

Blessed with a spouse, home, family, good friends,

And the banishment of debilitating sorrow.

O Supreme Lady,

Source of all auspiciousness,

You are unwavering,




And beyond all illusion.

Be gracious, O Lovely One.

Mistress of all,

Adored by all,

Existing beyond thought,

You are the Supreme Self.

It is you who bestow both

Worldly enjoyment and spiritual liberation.

Be gracious, O Lovely One.

-- From Praise-Song for the Lotus Goddess (Kamala Stotram), verses 15, 18, and 20, in Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony, by Constantina Rhodes (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2010).

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