Kabbalah and the New Series Small Miracles

Whole city blocks are dedicated to Kabbalah. It’s beautiful and amazing. But with all this, how does one truly find their ‘way’ to authentic, “kosher”, Kabbalah?


A new series is about to be launched into our world –

Small Miracles

, based upon the New York Times best-selling books by Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal. The seven books, and our series, are about timeless, extraordinary true stories that manifest in people’s lives - miracles. Judd Hirsch and Katheryn Kates star along with a truly stellar cast of phenomenal actors.

So what does this have to do with Kabbalah? What does anything have to do with Kabbalah? In fact, what is Kabbalah?

Well, as we know, if one walks into a bookstore today, they will be confronted with a whole row of ‘Kabbalah’ books. Many of them purport to be the authentic source of the ancient wisdom. There’s ‘Madonna’s Kabbalah’, the ‘Kabbalah of Sex’, ‘Kabbalah and Pastrami’, you name it, and someone wrote it. Websites abound. Whole city blocks are dedicated to Kabbalah. It’s beautiful and amazing. But with all this, how does one truly find their ‘way’ to authentic, “kosher”, Kabbalah? 

I certainly do not have personal access to the ‘source’, or can I show anyone the correct “way”. Kabbalah, for me, remains ‘an endless mystery’.  Therefore, in our ‘interactive’ journey, we’ll stick with the great masters and source books written throughout time, (which I will always quote and list). And now, in the tradition of my ancestors, I’ve somehow managed to pose two not so simple questions.


1. What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah is from the Hebrew word “Mikabel” which means, ‘to receive’. “It is the secret knowledge of the unwritten Torah, (aka the Bible, Five Books of Moses, ‘Old Testament’, or the Greek, ‘Septuagint’), that was communicated by G-d and received by Moshe (Moses) and Adam and was “transmitted” to the wisest and saintliest sages of each generation.” The Torah and Kabbalah are inseparable. Kabbalah is the soul, the inner meaning of all creation, the knowledge that everything here on this planet has layers and layers of spiritual equivalents and meaning. Simple, right?

2. How do we find our way to authentic Kabbalah? From a TV show/webisodic series? Not necessarily the usual place to derive such information. However, I propose that our show “Small Miracles” can serve as a platform to launch our Kabbalistic exploration.  Do we want you to watch the show? Yes! Does it work as just wonderful entertainment? Yes again! But I can promise the following: Our company, 26Entertainment focuses only on “Media that Inspires.” Our very name is a dedication to G-d using the Kabbalah’s deep Spiritual Hebrew number/letter system called Gematria.

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Rabbi Moshe Mones
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