4 Ways to Know God Better

How do we humbly ask God to be great in us? It begins with knowing that God matters more than anything else.

The Ten Commandments deal with our relationships.  The first four commandments are about our relationship to God.  The next six are about our relationships with other people.  Preachers often encourage us to have "close personal relationship" with God.  We know that a close relationship with God is important, but what does that really mean?  How do you have a close, personal relationship with the Creator God of the Universe?  It is hard enough to maintain close relationships with our friends and family - and we can see and touch them.  I think this is an important topic.  Our culture needs some spiritual heroes again.  Who would you say is our "Moses" today?  Who is our Joshua?  Who is our Paul?  What if it is supposed to be you?  I'm looking for people who will manifest the greatness of God in their lives.  So...how do we humbly ask God to be great in us?  It begins with knowing that God matters more than anything else.  Your relationship with God will impact every other relationship in your life.  So let's start there.

It is interesting to realize that the first four commandments are about knowing God.  Adam and Eve walked and talked with God in the garden of Eden.  Their sin caused them to feel distant from him and afraid of his presence.  From than time until now, God has been trying to show his children how to have a "Garden of Eden" relationship with him.  That is why the first four commandments are about knowing God.  Those commandments reveal God's number one priority.  He loves you and wants to walk and talk with you.  So here are four ways to make that possible:


Exodus 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before me." There is a reason we use a small "g" when we talk about other gods.  There is God and there is everyone and everything else.  The first thing God wanted his people to know was that nothing should be more important than knowing him.  Is knowing God a high enough priority in your life?  How good is your relationship with your husband going to be if you want to know his buddy better than you want to know him?  How will your kids feel if you want to spend time with their friends more than with them?  God's first priority is that you know him.  A close relationship with God begins there.

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