Commemorating September 11: Christian

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Christian Prayers & Litanies
General Christian hymns and litanies, plus specific prayers and readings from Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Episcopal churches.
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Episcopal Prayer

God the compassionate one, whose loving care extends to all the world, we remember this day your children of many nations and many faiths whose lives were cut short by the fierce flames of anger and hatred. Console those who continue to suffer and grieve, and give them comfort and hope as they look to the future. Out of what we have endured, give us the grace to examine our relationships with those who perceive us as the enemy, and show our leaders the way to use our power to serve the good of all for the healing of the nations. This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord who, in reconciling love, was lifted up from the earth that he might draw all things to himself. Amen.

--Prepared by The Most Reverend Frank T. Griswold, Presiding Bishop and Primate, The Episcopal Church, USA, for September 11 anniversary observances.

Selected Greek Orthodox Prayers

To be said during the Divine Liturgy:
Again we pray for the families of the victims of the terrorist attack ofSeptember 11th, that they may be granted help and strength from above, andfor those wounded by this unjust attack, for their salvation and completerestoration to health.


To be said during during the Memorial Service:
Again we pray for the blessed memory and eternal repose of the souls of theinnocent victims of the barbaric attack of September 11th, of those whounjustly lost their lives and of those who heroically fell in the line ofduty attempting to help these victims.

--Provided by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. For more about Greek Orthodox September 11 memorials, visit the archdiocese's September 11 Memorial website.

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