The Force Is With...Everyone

People of all faiths find meaning in the religion of 'Star Wars.'

You may not know it, but you're a Jedi--at least according to the dozens of Beliefnet members who compare their own faiths to the spirituality of "Star Wars." Find out what the Force has in common with:

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    I think there are definite connections between the Tao and The Force. Yoda said The Force is everywhere--the tree, the rock--and binds all things together. The Tao is called "the Mother of All Things" and is described as humble, the giver of life, patient, and so forth.


    The force pulls most of its substance from the Tao. And the Tao states that all things have good and evil, light and dark within, even itself. And remember the whole prophecy they talk about, the one that will bring balance to the force, how did he bring balance? by going evil, that's pretty Taoist if you ask me.

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