Earth Day 2006

A selection of features, resources, and inspirational articles about religion and the environment.

The Environmental Spirit

'How I Save the Earth Every Day'

Beliefnet users recount their personal stories in helping to keep our environment alive and well in the 21st century.

Does God Love Forests More Than Cities?


The God who designed the first garden is also an urban planner. Shouldn't Earth Day celebrate cities, too? By Richard Mouw

Saving the Planet--One Idea at a Time

Here are 10 earth-friendly possibilities to strive for, courtesy of Beliefnet members.

Quiz: How Eco-Spiritually Savvy Are You?

Test your knowledge of recent news stories about religion and the environment.

Dominion Over All the Earth

Whether we follow the Bible, evolutionary science, or any world faith, we are called to care for the earth from which we came. By Cheryl M. Walker

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