Weathering the Storms of ‘Noah’

Director Darren Aronofsky was intrigued with the story of Noah since he was a kid in Brooklyn, New York.

Director Darren Aronofsky was intrigued with the story of Noah since he was a kid in Brooklyn, New York.

Aronofsky remembered an English teacher who wore a ton of pink and even drove a pink Mustang asking the class to write a poem on peace. The 13-year-old responded with a poem called “The Dove” and won an award from the United Nations.

Aronofsky, now 45, probably never imagined one day his film “Noah” would create theological debate, be banned in some Muslim countries like Indonesia, and take 10 years to reach opening night.

“I was surprised that we had so much controversy so early on because people didn’t see it,” Aronofsky said. “I think the controversy is evaporating now that people have seen the film. Finally people are seeing the film and their comments have been great.”

When Paramount screened the movie, a conservative group contested the film was too dark, did not follow the text, and a disclaimer was added “artistic license has been taken.” With controversy, dialog opens up, and people are researching scriptures on their own.


If you’re expecting Russell Crowe starring as Noah to appear with a long white beard, giraffes or elephants standing behind him and a white dove —then you will be disappointed.

“‘Noah” isn't a cutesy kid’s story. It's an apocalyptic story,” said Ari Handel, a former neuroscientist, who wrote the script with Aronofsky.

God is fed up with the wickedness and must destroy man in the first end of world story. It’s raw, reveals wickedness, unquestioning faith, but also exhibits the mercy of God.

The writers wanted to humanize and personalize Noah's journey by allowing for surprises along the way.

“Most movies today you know exactly what’s going to happen because you see it in the trailer,” Aronofsky said. “The exciting thing about this film is that there’s a lot of movie you don’t see coming. This film has a lot of great surprises.”

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