Bill Moyers: Faith & Reason

In his latest PBS series, the veteran journalist talks to writers about faith, reason, and religious conflicts around the world.

Bill Moyers's new seven-part series, "Faith & Reason," airs Fridays, starting June 23, on PBS.

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Series Sneak Peek
Bill Moyers With Pema Chödrön
Episode Seven
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• Martin Amis
• Richard Rodriguez
• Anne Provoost
• Jeanette Winterson
• Mary Gordon
• Salman Rushdie

Bill Moyers: The Beliefnet Interview
By Michael Kress

Why did you decide to just interview writers, rather than speaking to theologians, pastors, etc.?
The PBS series "Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason" features interviews with provocative authors including Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis, Mary Gordon, and Margaret Atwood. To see more clips, participate in discussions, check airtimes in your area, and explore the many issues raised in the series click here:  

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