The NHL's Mike Fisher Talks Faith, Trials and Missions

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How has a relationship with God anchored you?

MF: I was drafted to Ottawa, I was close to home and had some good people there that had a lot of faith. They walked beside me and helped me grow. But it’s difficult when you’re 19. You’re playing in the NHL and you’ve got more money than you thought you’d have and it’s hard. I didn’t want to have my faith because my parents did or because that was a good way to live. I wanted it to be real. And I think that’s what it really became as I was going through some things and just really experiencing God and the Holy Spirit through all of this. And then I knew I had to make my faith my own. I needed it in my life and it definitely helped me balance the money and the fame and those things. It put things into perspective and what’s important. I still have to remind myself it’s not just for me and because in our profession everyone’s doing stuff for you and wants you to be comfortable-you’ve got to remind yourself it’s not about me.

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