We're the Dark Horses - An Interview with Switchfoot

Beliefnet discusses music and belief with members of the Grammy winning rock band.

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So who do you listen to?

Well, I listen to a lot. A band that I just heard on my iPod, shuffle was Sigur Ros from Iceland. Another one that just shuffled in my iPod recently was the latest Radiohead which was really interesting to me.

What did you think about that album?

It’s just like wow. That’s out there. But I like it. I mean I love music where it’s musically it really like pushes you, you know. Wow. Awesome. But then you always go back. I have Sergeant Peppers on vinyl. I always would like put it on my record player at least once a month. The Beatles, it’s just awesome.

Is there anyone new that you’ve enjoyed listening to?


Let’s see, what just came out? Oh, a band called Foster the People, their music just started hitting radio and I really like that. I really like what’s happening there. I’m not sure other than that.

How do you feel like the band has changed since you joined?

Well they didn’t have a keyboard player before. (laughs)

That’s obvious!

When I joined them, they liked me bringing in the keyboard element, you know, whether it’s electronica or adding strings, just pushing the song. It’s really cool that you have that range, that openness with the band where they’re like “yeah, do whatever you need to do. Add keyboards here.”



Has there been anything that has changed spiritually in the band or is it the same way Switchfoot has always been?

Well, I mean, you know, there’s always a growth pattern, especially lyrically when you’ve been with a band for so long. You’re always striving, searching spiritually and that always translates in music as well. The common element that I feel like we’ve always had is that element of just hope, of longing for better, if not here, then beyond. We’ve always had that element in our music of just giving, pushing for hope, pushing for something that may not be here but in our next life.

What is your religious background?

My parents were actually missionaries in the Philippines, so I was born in the Philippines. So I grew up in a missionary home. It has been a great journey. I’m glad that my parents brought me up in a Christian home so that later on in life when I was searching for what I believed in, that foundation was there.

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