Gregg Breinberg: Setting Real Bars and Octaves in Life

Chorus teacher takes students to a new level of success.

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Each year it gets tough because the children advance on to middle school. “But it’s a part of life and leads to new beginnings,” Breinberg said. A lot of the students keep in touch and visit from time to time. “Fortunately great things just continually seem to come to the PS22 Chorus, and we’re hoping that it’s a trend that continues,” Breinberg said.

Breinberg recognizes his work and the kids as a huge day-to-day inspiration. “My biggest personal inspiration is my mom. She’s the most beautiful person inside and out,” Breinberg said. His mother taught him the rewards of hard work and instilled her love of music and joy of working with children in him. “Every success I’ve earned for myself and the chorus goes back to the foundation she gave me,” Breinberg said.

There’s no doubt that Breinberg’s passion for music and desire to teach children is life changing. His films of PS22 and innovative teaching style have set the bar. It’s hard not to fall in love with PS22’s soulful voices. The children’s love for music is articulated through their expressions and voice; they evoke the inspirational flame within all that watch them.


jennifer hudson and ps22 chorusTo View Videos of the PS22 Chorus check out:

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