Faith, Innovation, and Cello Beat Boxing - An Interview with Kevin Olusola of Pentatonix

A capella pop act Pentatonix is poised to make an impact, and beat boxer Kevin Olusola has a lot to say about it. We talk to Kevin about their success, his beliefs, and what it is like to play cello and beat box at the same time.

From left to right - Kevin, Mitch, Scott, Kirstin, and Avi of Pentatonix.
Photo courtesy of Tim Cruz

Kevin Olusola is a busy man. An outstanding cello player, a well-known beat boxer, a member of the Sing-Off winning a capella group Pentatonix, and a world-traversing performer, you would think that he would be untouchable, frequently stressed, and arrogant to boot.

Fortunately that isn’t the case.

Kevin is relaxed, humble, and he also loves to, as he says, “chillax.” I was fortunate to catch him during some of this “chillaxing” and ask him questions about his experience in the world of a capella music, his strong belief in Christianity, and of course, playing cello and beat boxing at the same time. Kevin is the kind of guy you want to root for – an accomplished Yale graduate with amazing skill at his craft and a world of opportunity in front of him, but unassuming as can be and an absolute joy to talk to. He even called me “Mr. Russ,” which is certainly a first.


On top deck for Kevin right now is his work with Pentatonix, whose first release, the EP PTX Vol. 1, released to the world on June 26th. Fans of the group know what to expect – blistering pop covers that completely reshape the songs, a strong dose of musicality that is still accessible, and an emphasis on having fun with music. The EP also contains the groups’ first original songs, and they are tunes that stand up to the caliber of the performances that the band put on all last year on NBC. It is one of the more unique releases delivered by a group this year, and hopefully one that will find the kind of mainstream success that has alluded a capella groups in the past.

Check out our interview with Kevin below, and pick up a copy of their EP here!! 

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