Anthony Evans: A Different Kind of Voice

NBC's The Voice has become one of the top reality TV shows on television and singer Anthony Evans found a place on one of it's four teams. Read what he has to say about the show, his coach, and his beliefs!

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Anthony Evans has been a lot of places in his life. The son of popular Christian orator and Pastor Tony Evans, Anthony has toured the world as a solo artist, worship leader, and a backing vocalist for Kirk Franklin. He never thought he would find himself on a reality television show but when The Voice called he answered. It’s a good thing he did, because millions of new people have heard Anthony Evans including his coach on the show – Christina Aguilera. We caught up with Anthony to discuss his coach, the impact that the show is having on his life, what it’s like to be a Christian on a hit secular show. Check out The Voice on NBC, Mondays 8/7c, and check out Anthony’s new album Home! He is truly a talent and more so than that – the kind of joyous person who you want to cheer on!

As a publicly Christian figure, did you have any concerns about joining a secular show like The Voice?


I had concerns, but I just didn’t let them control whether I was going to do the show or not. Thinking about what people are going to say can be overwhelming at times, and I discussed it with the people who are closest to me; namely my father, Kirk Franklin, and the guys who I interact with on a daily basis. Their advice to me was that as long as you are true to yourself and not compromising your faith then go and have a great time. To be freed up that way was great, to think about what everyone was going to say – that was too much.

Have you received a lot of support? Have there been any detractors?

You know what, 95 percent of it has been completely positive, and then there’s that other 5 percent that are like “oh my gosh he’s losing his faith!!” and I’m like “For real??” I don’t quite understand it, but 95 percent of them have been supportive.

I don’t get that either! Anyone who actually saw the opening segment with you would definitely know that you haven’t compromised yourself.

Yeah, after that aired I was like “Dad you’re welcome, they aired you and the church more than me!” *laughing* I loved that.

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