'I Still Pray for Simon Cowell'

From the stage of 'American Idol' to the gospel music recording studio, Mandisa lets Jesus guide her path.

Tennessee native Mandisa was a finalist on the fifth season of the blockbuster hit show "American Idol." Now, she has two new releases: a gospel album ("True Beauty") and an inspirational Christian memoir ("IdolEyes"). She talks to Beliefnet about being a Christian on reality TV, praying through "American Idol," and why she'd be uncomfortable singing for a gay audience.

Watch Video Clips of Mandisa:

Advice for 'Idol' Contestants
Her Favorite Bible Verse
Learning to Love Herself


Listen to Mandisa Speak and Sing:

Reciting Psalm 139
'God Is at Work Around All of Us'
A Montage of Mandisa's Songs
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