Jonny Lang: 'Fame Is an Illusion'

The virtuoso blues guitarist talks about the 'supernatural moment' he had with God.

Jonny Lang started playing guitar at the age of twelve.  By 14, he was known as "Kid Jonny Lang" and released an album, "Smokin," along with a group called "The Big Bang." The following year, Lang released his debut solo album, "Lie to Me," producing the hit single of the same name. Soon Lang was playing with blues greats like B.B. King, Stevie Wonder


and Eric Claptan


 He grew up fast--playing in clubs, drinking, smoking, and using drugs at a young age. But that's all behind him now. A devout Christian, married to actress Haylie Johnson, Lang, 25, recently spoke to us about his latest album, "Turn Around," his struggle with addiction, and the moment he became a believer.

Listen to "Bump in the Road" off Jonny Lang's New Album, "Turn Around"

You've been quoted as saying that when you were younger you were turned off to Christianity because of the hypocrisy involved in it. What did you feel was the most hypocritical thing about Christianity?



When you're young and you see people doing one thing and saying another, it's really obvious to you--or seeing people who are claiming to be [one] way and then doing the exact opposite thing later on somewhere outside of church. And then seeing that that wasn't being confronted by anybody, it seemed to me that that was acceptable behavior to God. I just used that as an excuse, I think, to not serve God and to say, "Well, I don't want to serve a God who is okay with that kind of stuff." That that was basically it. Nothing ultra traumatic or anything happened to me in church.

Do you still feel that way?

No, I don't. I see it, and I see it in me. I will do or say one thing, and do another from time to time. It's that battle, and I understand that now. I understand that there are people who genuinely want to serve God and try to do their best for him, and slip and fall along the way—fall into self-seeking and all those sorts of things. 

In your song "Only A Man," you sing, "I grew up singing songs in church with questions in my mind, then turned my back and ran away from God who gave me life...."  What questions did you have back then?

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