'We're All in a Process'

Amy Grant talks about pop music, her upcoming tour, the Bush family, and why she never criticizes Madonna.

When Beliefnet last interviewed Grammy Award winning singer Amy Grant two years ago, she had just released "Legacy...Hymns and Faith." Now she has a new album and DVD, "Greatest Hits 1986-2004," focusing on her mainstream pop music, with chart-toppers like "Baby Baby," "Heart in Motion," and "Every Heartbeat"-and is about to go on a Christmas tour with her husband, country music star Vince Gill. She spoke with Beliefnet about the differences between pop and Christian music and her belief in "faith expressing itself through love."

Mainstream pop music and music videos today are obviously a lot different than ten or fifteen years ago. What do you think about the mainstream pop industry today?

Well, I sort of feel like it's overstimulation. It's not just about pushing the envelope-it's just that what it takes to make an impact now.


It's kind of morphed into a caricature of itself. It's not even real life. Somehow our visual culture, with its bam bam bam imaging, that's not even the speed at which you live life. And of course, everyone is like, "How can I stick out above the crowd?" There's no end to that race, and it's one I never got in.

In your last interview with Beliefnet, you said not all Christian music is good, just as not all mainstream music is good. In the past couple of years, do you think Christian music has changed?

I think there's a lot of great stuff. I think there are a lot more independent acts coming along. From a business standpoint, I think that's because financially, record companies-because of downloading and all that-are less in a position to offer as many record deals and to do as much promotion. I think that it just makes for a more creative atmosphere when it's not the exclusive club-one of the 25 people that have the big record company deal.

I've read that you have a relationship with the Bush family and have performed at the White House and been to Camp David. How did that happen?

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