Deepak Chopra on his Friend George Harrison

According to his friend, 'the quiet Beatle' had a personal relatitionship not only with Eastern religion but with Jesus Christ.

BY: Interviewed by Steve Waldman


Could you describe what you know of George Harrison's spiritual practice most recently?

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How much do you know about the spiritual side of the Fab Four?

About four years ago I spent a week with him in Hawaii completely in silence where we would practice almost four hours of meditation, and even recently he would practice two to three hours of meditation in the mornings and another half an hour in the evenings and the rest of the time he was either writing, working in his studio, or gardening.

So he was living a very simple kind of lifestyle. When he would engage in conversation it was all about spirituality. He was a very, very avid reader and not just an avid reader of Eastern spirituality, but a very avid reader of the Gnostic gospels, the other versions of the historical Christ, the Gospel of Thomas. When he signed a letter he would always put an eastern symbol and also put a cross. He very much had a relationship with Christ as well.

That's interesting. Was that true consistently for the last thirty years?

All along. He had a very personal relationship with Christ. When he signed off to his personal friends he would always put a symbol.

Early on he was most closely associated with transcendental meditation.

Right, actually I took him to meet Maharishi in 1993. He hadn't seen Maharishi for 30 years. He wanted to pay his respects once again to Maharishi and they had a very wonderful meeting.

George was very eclectic. He was associated with Mararishi, but he also at one time was very involved with the Hare Krishnas, he also studied Yogananda, he was very very interested in the more Eastern versions of Christianity--as I mentioned the Gospel of Thomas--and he was very well read, very well read.

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