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Maire Brennan's Grammy nominated album 'Whisper to the Wild Water,' blends the Gospel with Celtic traditions.

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What's your feeling about the troubles in the North?

I have a big heart for reconciliation. A lot of people use the excuse of religion to fight, a lot of those people don't even go to church. It must make God really, really unhappy to see Christians fighting each other. It is important to look at the simplicity of the Christian life and not the baggage that surrounds the churches. We really must look inside our hearts and start respecting each other.

Worship is wonderful, but you have to do the other one, and that is where the Christian faith lies--to show respect, to stretch out your hand, and support each other.

Do you perform in the North?

There have been fantastic things happening in Northern Ireland, I have sung in Presbyterian churches in east Belfast and in Catholic churches on the road where the Orange order marches and the fighting starts. Here I was playing in this church with Protestants and Catholics crying together. It was so emotional. Before Christmas I was involved in this event called History Makers, with 5,000 Protestant and Catholic children from schools all over Northern Ireland. There are a lot a people in Northern Ireland who are working like that.

Sinead O'Connor has sung a lot about the North as well.

Yeah, in fact I know her quite well. Her daughter goes to school with my daughter.

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