Into 'The Grey': An Interview with Director Joe Carnahan

BY: Evan Derrick


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BN: What do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

JC: I don’t know because I’ve spent so much time away from my wife and kids, I really want to spend some time with them. My daughter’s going to be a junior in high school and my son’s going to be a fresher in high school, and I’m kind of anxious just to be a dad for a little bit. But there is one story I’m fascinated with, about [infamous Columbian drug lord] Pablo Escobar, and I think it might be my best script. It just needs to be cast.

BN: Is it based on KILLING PABLO by Mark Bowden?

JC: Yeah, it is brother, it’s adapted from the Bowden book.

BN: Who’ll play Escobar?

JC: I want Edgar Ramirez and I want Antonio Banderas to play Martinez, you know the guy hunting him, but we’ll see. That’s kind of an ideal. Edgar’s aware that I want him and he and I have been talking and we spent some time in Columbia together, this has been going on for a few years now, but Antonio will probably find out about it through interviews like this (laughing).

BN: Truly enjoyed talking with you Joe, really enjoyed the film as well. Oh, and I”ll make sure Antonio Banderas’ name is in big bold letters when I publish the interview.

JC: Yeah I appreciate that, if you could bold and italicize that for me that would be great.

BN: Bold and italicized, sold!

JC: (laughing)

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