Soul Surfer: A Journey of Faith

Bethany Hamilton and Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer

Bethany Hamilton survived a shark attack while surfing in 2003. Her faith in God and story of perseverence has helped her become one of the most inspiring young women of her day. Discover how she bravely got back in the water with one less arm - and even more determination than she had before.


What were you thinking when [the shark attack] happened?

It happened so fast, but I remember knowing exactly what was happening. I felt my board lift and sudden pressure on my left arm. I saw a flash of gray as I was jerked side to side - and I knew it was a shark! But even as soon as I thought that, it was over. I knew exactly what had happened, but couldn't believe it had happened to me.

Weren't you completely terrified?

I know that would be a normal reaction, but I don't remember being terrified. Two weeks before, I had taken a lifeguard emergency-response training class and had learned how important it is not to panic. But I know that it was God's peace that kept me calm that day.

Compiled from the Soul Surfer Series book "Ask Bethany: FAQs: Surfing, Faith and Friends". Read more about Bethany and "Soul Surfer" at Photo of Bethany Hamilton of Soul Surfer. Credit: Noah Hamilton, Courtesy of

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