Gandalf’s Back! Let’s Go Slay Dragons!

Avid fans of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy had doubts about Peter Jackson and company recapturing the magic in, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. The Rings, which was launched over a decade ago, picked up numerous awards, leaving J.R.R. Toiken fans with the question: “Would "The Hobbit" measure up?”

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“People on the street daily reference me as Froddo, and it’s been that way ever since. It’s like a little shadow,” he laughed.

How does the cast relate or not relate to J.R.R. Toiken’s story?

For Armitage, he got a sense of Toiken’s Catholicism, his drive to forgive enemies and express goodness.

“His [Toiken] nobility [is] expressed by kindness and mercy…it’s almost in all of his characters and I find that inspiring,” Armitage voice softened.

On the other side of the spectrum was McKellen, 73, who found Toiken’s view of the world skewed because of the lack of women and sex in his book. Yet, when it came to understanding the elderly, youth and how a small guy can change the world, J.R.R. was on target McKellen said.


“For somebody who has been through two World Wars…it’s the foot soldiers who measure up to the moment. We all can understand that. That’s the level; we’re all at, really. It’s the little guy that we need and who may be expendable. Who may not come back.”

After Bilbo inks a contract to slay Smaug, he asks Gandalf “Am I going to come back? Can you promise that?”

Gandalf The Grey said, “No”.

“It’s a chilling but heartwarming moment between Gandalf and Bilbo. How many commanders would say that to their soldiers,?" McKellen  questioned in his serious tone.

McKellen couldn’t imagine this scenario, but a story like “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” is something everyone could relate to, regardless of criticisms on filming techniques, motives or cast member views. This is the beginning of another epic tale.

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” opens Dec. 4.

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